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Munye Projects Aluminium Services

Munye projects in partnerships with a leading manufacturer and supplier with Munye Projects being the installer of aluminum windows and doors. Munye Projects ensures that its aluminum products are manufactured to the highest quality standard. Our customised, tailor made aluminum windows and doors are sourced from the highest quality materials principally sourced from our leading supplier/manufacturer.

Why aluminum over steel/wood frames?

Enhances green building design
Use of aluminium helps building projects qualify for green building status under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards.
Fast to build and durable
Corrosion-resistant aluminium bridge decks require no painting, minimal maintenance and, unlike concrete, require no extension framework or cure time.
Environmental Benefits

Aluminium can provide insulation and allows daylight and fresh air into buildings. Strengthened alloys can support large glass structures and solar panels.

By installing custom made aluminium doors, you will enhance your premises and increase your comfort. Whatever the style of your premises, we will ensure that the door design blends in beautifully. When it comes to ensuring that your new doors will look their best, for the longest possible time, look no further than quality aluminium windows.

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